Littile Narrative For Online Japanese Car Auction

  Today, well, almost everyday though, an online japanese car auction is about to be held. It starts from very early morning to evening so I always wear rough T-shirt and loose pants on my born-for-auction body. The most important thing I do before the auction is what’s called ‘Shitami’, meaning brief inspection in Japanese. To do ‘Shitami’, I determine whether it’s worth trying or not. This is very important because if you bid for the car having serious issue on engine, I can’t even move that car to my garage from the auction garage, and usually I have to pay ridicukous cost just to make it movable.
  Today is a good day. I just got lots of Prius and Insight, which my customer always desire to buy. But also, I accidentally bought used ambulance. I was wondering why ambulance was on the auction. But it’s ok. I can spray by myself on that body so it will not look like ambulance any more.
  Although I am too tired to bid for car auction, I will not retire of this since that’s the only way I can make my life productive enough for my born-for-auction body.